Organic Chemical fertilizer and Chemical fertilizer

Organic chemical fertilzer 8-8-8

To produce chemical fertilizer is a nutrient needed by the plant in the chemical synthesis, there is a feature that the plant is likely to absorb. Perhaps similar to the immediate effect of a certain drug.


Chemical fertilizer nutrients are well-balanced formulation, since not even it can also be used to plant the indoor cultivation smell.


(N) 8%  (P) 8% (K) 8%

​Organic Chemical Fertilizer & Chemical Fertilizer presentation
Chemical fertilzer 16-16-16

Three element necessary for the growth of plants (N.P,K)in a well-balanced evenly blended fertilizer and

worked quickly with a water-soluble is the most

often are used typical chemeical fertilizer can be used

with confidence in any plant 

​Flowers, Vegetables, of course is the best fertilizer to any plant

​Anyone because it is easy to use yet clean and odorlese, making it ideal for indoor gardening

​(N) 16%  (P) 16% (K) 16%