Organic liquid Fertilizer

​Natural active organic fertilizer

​ 有機液肥 100%・Organic Liquid 100 %

Sweet the delicuious fruit beautifully vegetable flowers

​Fertilizer effect          Vitality effect        Soil improvement effect

​花を美しく、野菜を美味しく、果実を甘くする 有機液肥肥料 100%

​Raw Materials Organic 100%

  1. Seaweed residual substance

  2. ​Pesticide free fermented rice bran

​Bio enzymes and microorganisms Flowers Vegetables Lively !

​100% natural peace of mind, safety of organic liquid fertilizer

​550 mℓ / 2000 mℓ / 20 ℓ

With this one fertilizer, vitality agent, soil improvement effect because it is perfect fermentation

​it does not smell peculiar to organic matter

​Usage : Flowers, Vegetables, Rice, Rose, Foliage Plant, Can because for anything such as planting trees, Bonsai, Cut Fllowers

Table of ingredients

( 1ℓ/Hit = 1ℓ Calculation)

P.H 8.4

T-N              0.18%     (1.789 mg/L)

T-P2O2      0.072%        (718 mg/L)

T-K2O          0.19%     (1,937 mg/L)

T-CaO      0.0046%          (46 mg/L)

T-MgO     0.00024%       (2.4 mg/L)

​T-Mn        0.000085%   (0.85 mg/L)

Organic fertilizer is made from natural or organic material the name.

The product in discussion does not contain carbohydrate, protein, fat or the like in it's contact

The feature of Mapposhi Genki-Kun in the use microbes and enzymes to catalyze and break down the organic material

as mentioned on the label, Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Cellulase and Zymase can me catalyzed.

The fermentation from the microbe is mainly divided by 3 different storage.

1st stage - The break down by dermatophytic Eg. By the process of breaking down protein, it will create amino acid

2st stage - The break down of fiber by Cellulose break down. creating Oligosaccharide.

3st stage - Finally, yeast fungus and Lactobacillus will become the main catalyst and will create Amino acid, Nucleic acid, Vitamin, hormone and the like.

Mapposhi Genki-Kun consists of good microbes that will break down and create untrients for plants to grow steadily and better

​Summarized it will deconstruct organic material to create products using microbes which wii be nutrients to plants.


​Procedure spraying

550ml spraying procedure
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​Instruction manual

​Bio enzymes and microorganisms Flowers Vegetables Lively !

How to use "Natural active Organic liquid fertilizer"

​Open the cap half way of Genki-Kun, fill the solution (about 10 cc) in a 5 liter jug and dilute with water (500 times diluted solution)

​How to use the diligent Spray

Apply on leaves and roots at the intervals of 1 times in 1 week

if applied twice within a week, stop spraying spraying, check the condition of the plant and reapply

when necessary 

When the flower buds are out, the buds are bulging the flowers start to bloom, when the fruit begins to bloom with vegetables etc, 

​please dilute 100 times of the solution (dilute the 2L bottle with just the amount of a bottle cap of stock solution) for 1 week it is more effectiveness is increased if applied 2 to 3 times at intervals


Please keep solution away from Children and do not let them drink the solution.